Xerox Document Management Solutions

Ability Business Solutions (ABS) has many options for Document Management Solutions.  Not only does ABS offer Document Management Solutions built-in MFP Copiers.  We offer 3rd party Document Management Solutions in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and EHR (Electronic Health Record).

Xerox ConnectKey Technology Transforms the MFP Copier into a Smart Workplace Assistant

The workplace environment is continuously progressing and Workflow Processes that were commonplace five or ten years ago, are considered obsolete today.  Millennials are entering the workforce as the first generation of digital natives who are accustomed to being mobile and connected.  If you want your business to stay competitive then embrace new, cutting-edge technologies and streamline workflow processes and moving to the Cloud with Xerox ConnectKey Apps

Use your Existing cloud based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Office 365 and  OneDrive to store and share files directly from the MFP Copier!

See the Xerox ConnectKey Apps Gallery and adapt a solution to your business that  works anywhere you do.  Now That’s Smart!

Paper-to-Digital Transformation

Xerox Document Management Solutions ensure your information stays accessible, flexible and secure. Whether it’s in paper, digital or both, Xerox document management solutions help you get maximum information while streamlining workflow processes.

Get a hands-on guide to reducing waste, improving workflow processes and revolutionize the way you work with documents.

Get the Paper-to-Digital Transformation Workbook to discover:

  • How to use Managed Print Services as a springboard
  • A list of suggested tools and techniques for the journey
  • A collection of interactive self-assessments

If you’re trying to cut costs and simultaneously deliver more services to your customers, don’t miss this and download this workbook here today!

Xerox is adding revolutionary software EVERY DAY!

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Workflow Automation Software

Turn Days into Minutes with Xerox Workflow Automation Solutions and address pain points in your business.  Here are some example departmental categories:

Loan Application Processing

Health Records Information Management

Automated Invoice Processing

Document Lifecycle Management

Contract Administration Process

Compliance Management

Employee File Management

Policies and Procedures Administration

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

HR Onboarding/Offboarding

Procurement and Purchasing

Vendor Management

Fraud Information Management

Compliance and Records Management

Supply Chain Optimization

Office Productivity